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Private Consulting Testimonials

Client Testimonials

"Thorough, applicable to practice, interactive."

"Wonderful, engaging speaker who is very knowledgeable."

"Well explained and easy to follow."

"Every bit of info was great, slides had great content, not overwhelming."

"The speaker shared memorable stories that will help prevent the same mistakes she shared."

"Explained labs in a form/way that I was able to understand better."

"Kept it fun and engaging with personal stories and personable. My brain hurts in a good way!!"

"Practical info I can take to the bedside tomorrow. Will attend anything Cyndi is teaching."

"The speaker was so engaging, I wish it was even longer. I found this class incredibly valuable."

"Packed with info and humor. Cyndi was (is!) an absolute joy! She was a true pleasure to learn from!"

"So applicable! I gained so much insight. I LOVE that it's nursing-focused. More of these lectures please."

"Overall pertinent info to my practice. Cyndi is an excellent instructor, class should be mandatory!!"

"I learned so many signs I can look for during my head-to-toe assessment. The class was great!"

"The way Cyndi simplified such complex topics, especially cardiac and neuro, is amazing!"

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