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Board of Nursing Consultation

Cyndi is listed by the MN Board of Nursing as a qualified counselor and has worked with over 220 individual nurse clients who have come under the Minnesota Board of Nursing (BON) Corrective Action statutes or those of other neighboring states. Due to the sensitive nature of these cases and her concern for those nurses, she charges these individuals half of what she charges other legal clients. Her goal is to help clients meet BON requirements so they can get back to work and again focus on giving safe, quality care to patients.

She has also worked with attorneys and clients on pre-corrective action education after investigations are complete to help the nurse avoid having a corrective action "hit" on their record. They instead do the corrective action work before the client goes before the Board of Nursing! Contact Cyndi to learn more!

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Specialty Areas For Consultation Include:

Critical Thinking

Professional Boundaries


Time Management


Medication Administration

Standards of Nursing Practice

Narcotic Diversion

HIPAA Violations


Assessment Skills


Recognizing Pathology and Interventions

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Integrity in Nursing

Scope of Nursing Practice

Professional Accountability

And Many More!

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