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Legal Nurse Services Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Cyndi greatly exceeded my expectations as far as saving my firm time and money. She is detailed and thorough. She offered an excellent perspective on my case. She is thoughtful and precise and I will definitely use her again. I certainly urge other attorneys to use Clinical Review!


Kenneth White, JD

Law Office of Kenneth R. White

I can't tell you how happy I was to work with Cyndi from Clinical Review. I was so impressed! I was under a very tight timeline to locate a medical specialty expert for a case and was having no luck locating one that met our needs.  Cyndi came through for me with flying colors and my firm will definitely use her services again. Fee prices were extremely reasonable and she saved my firm's resources from being wasted by continuing the extensive search. The expert was wonderful to work with as well.


Kate McMahon, JD

Best and Flanagan

I could not be more pleased that we added Cyndi as a legal nurse consultant to our case. She worked through the night to finish the review and report before deposition. She also found us a highly qualified expert who was perfect for our needs on my case. I could not recommend her more highly. Exceptionally professional and highly knowledgeable. The services provided were perfect!


Dr. Ann F., MD

My experience with Clinical Review was excellent. Services were well reasoned and professional, saving us money in the long run. The value for the price exceeded my expectations and I would urge others to try their services!


Ruth Harvey, JD

Chesley, Kroon, Harvey & Carpenter

We were so impressed with Cyndi and her accomplishments that we hired her to be a speaker at our national medical seminars!


Mary Burce

PESI Healthcare and Seminars

Working with Cyndi was a wonderful experience. I felt comfortable asking questions and feel confident I now understand the issues we worked on - professional boundaries, HIPAA rules and regulations, and patient rights. She was very knowledgeable and does a wonderful job making the information practical and usable. I was very much satisfied with both her services and cost. She worked hard to get this issue resolved and behind me as soon as possible. What a bargain. Thank you!


J. K.


Cyndi's final report went far beyond my expectations. Pricing for her services was great also. She was very timely getting back to me and I find she has great insight and excellent communication skills. I absolutely encourage others to try her services. Cyndi put medical terms and circumstances in an understandable report that was very helpful in assessing the merits/faults of our file. I highly recommend her services!


Paul Tanis, Jr., JD

MacKenzie & Gustafson LTD

After Cyndi's report we were finally able to settle the case. That should say it all. We won.


Steven Emery, JD

Sioux Tribal Attorney

Cyndi is always easy to contact when working on a case. She is absolutely professional and knowledgeable on medical issues. I don't know how Clinical Review could improve their services. The report is thorough and addressed all the issues raised. Meeting when the report was delivered was also great as it offered the opportunity to discuss the report findings. I've used her services a few times and will continue to do so!


Ken White, JD

Law Office of Kenneth R. White

I was looking for an opening speaker for the Clinical Symposium that our hospital has every year.  It is difficult to find a speaker that will give the nurses the knowledge they need to improve their bedside care.  I feel nurses are very hungry for this type of information. Then I attended a seminar called Complete Physical Assessment that Cyndi presented in Missouri.  I felt her style was very easy to listen to, she brought humor into her presentation, as well as presented the information in a very practical and useable format.  I found the day just flew by! We asked her to be our opening speaker at our symposium later that year. She was a big hit and we plan to ask her for this year too!


Elaine Gramke, Clinical Educator

St. Luke's Hospital

I would urge other insurance companies to use Clinical Reviews services! They offered us a detailed follow-up through a difficult set of facts, saving us both time and money.


Paul Huges

Custard Insurance Adjusters

I am an RN and attorney. My legal practice consists of defending nurses when they are called before the Minnesota Board of Nursing. I start using Cyndi before my client appears at the Board when the nurse has a significant knowledge deficit. With Cyndi's help, I have had dismissals on cases that otherwise would have resulted in a public action. Cyndi is very thorough in her nursing education. She includes not only educational topics where the nurse needs help, but she also helps the nurse feel with the emotional impact of a Board report by providing information on shame and/or nurse bullying. She takes a multimodal approach to education by meeting with the client, assigning "homework," and then following up the homework with direct communication. She utilizes a variety of educational methods such as having the nurse read articles, watch videos, and complete online continuing education credits. Cyndi changes the way the nurse thinks and practices. When I recognize that I have a nurse who needs a lot of help based on the allegations, I call Cyndi!


Barbara Forshier

RN, Attorney

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