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Client Testimonials

Hello Cyndi, I just love attending PESI seminars when you are speaking. I go to every program I see that you are teaching! You have a great speaking style and your humor somehow allows the information to sink in and pop up later in useful clinical situations.


Tish VanHoorik


Cyndi, I just wanted to brighten up your day by letting you know I passed my PCCN! Thank you for your help and encouragement. It was a tough exam. I'm grateful to have had you as my prep instructor.


Ivan Stiger


Cyndi, I just wanted to say thank you for your prep course. I had previously failed the CCRN exam, and was recently given the ultimatum by my facility to pass or be terminated. Today I passed! I will definitely be sending my coworkers to your online video lecture on Thanks from Chicago!



Cyndi, I wanted to thank you for the best class I have ever attended. You were dynamic and entertaining! I learned so very much. I remain in awe of all you have learned and done during your career. I only wish that I had you as a mentor and role model when I started my career decades ago. Thanks once again!


Linda Zavodny


Thank you Cyndi, after 22 years of nursing and MANY classes and presentations you take the cake! I truly enjoyed your presentations today, I learned so much and loved the personal stories that bring it all to life! I wish I could go to more of your classes and I hope you will return to Vermont! I am so glad I got to attend your lab presentation today!


Heather Tremblay

Hi Cyndi, I attended your recent "All Things Cardiac" conference in Portland, Oregon. I wanted to thank you again for providing such a wonderful training. I have attended many lectures on cardiology throughout my paramedic and nursing careers. Yours was by far my favorite and most thorough.


Heather Hernandez

Nursing Staff Manager

Dear Cyndi, Thank you so much for the two days filled with knowledge and wisdom. I sincerely enjoyed listening to you and learning from you. I admire you as a nurse and as a person. May you continue to inspire new nurses like me to make the nursing & medical world better. You are amazing!


Judith Santos

Thank you for the email. This has been the best seminar I have attended to date (All Things Cardiac). I look forward to tomorrow!


Donna Kimrey


Cyndi, your lecture was awesome!!!! Hopefully you will be back in this soon. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. I very much enjoyed the entire day and learned so much!


Renee Ives

Hi Cyndi, I really enjoyed your class on Mastering Labs. I will definitely attend your classes next time around. Your personality, stories, and teaching techniques were excellent, and the day flew by so quickly. As they say in showbiz, "leave them wanting more." That's how I felt. You share from a life of experience and expertise.


Linda Nunley


I've been to a couple of your programs and this last program was amazing! (Critical Care Bootcamp)! Look forward to seeing you next time you're in NC! Safe travels!


Dana Edwards


I couldn't wait to get back this AM to hear more for day two! God has truly given you a gift. Thank you for what you do for the nursing/medical world.


Brenda Owen

I want to clone you, your classes are always AWESOME!


Misty Howell

Just want to thank you and let you know that I sat for and passed my CCRN exam last week! Thank you so much!


J. Barker, RN, CCRN

Charge Nurse-ICU

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