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Meet Amelia

Clinical Review

Greetings from Clinical Review - we are excited that you are here!  We are here to meet your education or legal nurse consultant needs.  With multiple areas of medical experience, we are here to help you do what you do best – deliver excellent care to patients, meet the educational needs of your staff, or provide your clients with the representation they deserve.  We work with public and private facilities, individuals, law firms, and insurance companies.  We guarantee our work, products, and our services. Contact us and you won't be disappointed!

Cyndi Zarbano

“I’ve learned life is an amazing journey. The highs teach us joy and the challenges help us build character and learn coping skills. It’s my hope to help many grow professionally and help others through some of their life challenges.”

- Cyndi Zarbano

Meet Cyndi Zarbano

Cyndi Zarbano, M.S.N., M.S.N.Ed. is a clinically active intensive care nurse who has amassed thirty years of nursing experience and proudly served as an officer for 10 years in the U.S. Navy, leaving service as a Lieutenant Commander. Motivated by a desire to deliver excellence in nursing care, she expanded into legal nurse consulting, nurse education, and private consulting. She has been a national and international seminar speaker since 2009 on medical and nursing topics for education providers such as PESI Healthcare, Med-Ed Seminars, Ed4Nurses, Cruising for Education, Evergreen Certifications, and privately through Clinical Review, which she opened in 2008. Cyndi has delivered content on more than 70 topics, many of which have been recorded and sold as products. Cyndi is a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) and is certified as a Critical Care Nurse (CCRN), a Progressive Care Nurse (PCCN), a Medical-Surgical Nurse (CMSRN), and as a Nurse Life Care Planner (NLCP).

Why Naturopathy

What We Do

Clinical Review now has four major branches of service available.

Educational Services

Educate healthcare professionals on medical and nursing topics. Cyndi is a national seminar speaker offering private programs through Clinical Review, as well as sub-contracting her services through other companies.

Board of Nursing Consultation

Cyndi works with private nurse clients who have acquired a need for counseling related to Corrective Action from the MN Board of Nursing (BON). She has worked with well over 200 nurses helping them achieve their goal of putting their focus back on taking care of their patients! She has also had great success working on pre-corrective action cases after investigation helping clients avoid corrective action! Contact Cyndi to learn more!

Legal Nurse Consulting

Working with attorneys, insurance companies, other agencies and private parties looking for medical expertise, experts, and education, Cyndi has helped both plaintiff and defense with the tools they need to win those cases!

Private Consultation

Cyndi works individually with nurses on professional exploration and with professional challenges. Consultations are also available for families or individuals wanting to better understand diagnoses, medications, and treatment options in plain language and at an unhurried pace.  Similarly, Cyndi is available to facilities looking to train staff on specific educational requirements, needs, or other individualized services.

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